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Educational Trip Form

A key factor to successful school performance is class attendance. The School District does not recommend lengthy student absences whether excused or unexcused. Parents/guardians who are planning educational trips which are not school sponsored are advised of the following District Policy:

  1. Parents/guardians must request approval at least two weeks prior to the trip. At that time, the principal will determine if the trip is educational and excusable. The two-week notice is necessary to provide adequate teacher time to provide assignments if the proposed trip is approved.
  2. A total of five school days in an academic year may be excused for educational trips. Additional absences for educational trips will be unexcused and/or unlawful as the statutes may apply.
  3. Students may be given appropriate assignments as determined by the teacher and approved by the principal.
  4. Any exceptions to this policy due to extenuating circumstances must be approved by the Superintendent.
  5. All school work for approved trips must be turned in immediately upon date of return or zero/no make-up will be given.