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Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support

  • We encourage you to use the same language and focus at home!
  • On the first day of each week, the monthly theme will be incorporated into the Morning Announcements. 
  • Videos regarding the monthly theme will be shown periodically during lunches.
  • Arly Cards are given to students whenever any of the character traits are shown. Students may “cash” these in each month on prizes.

Arlington's school-wide positive behavior support program is tied to our program of social-emotional learning, using the Second Step resource.  This program helps students build social-emotional skills such as positive relationship building, managing emotions, and setting goals so that they can thrive in school and in life.  Each month we focus on a specific social-emotional skill through an assembly, classroom lessons, and earning of Arly Cards to encourage putting these skills into practice.  At the end of each month students are able to earn incentives for the Arly Cards they have earned.

Character Education Monthly Themes 


Focused Attention-  Eyes watching, ears listening, voice quiet, body still, listening and following directions

Self Control- Body to yourself, stay in your bubble space, think before you speak, pay attention, keep personal space, calming your body (self-regulation, deep breathing, dealing with strong feelings, positive self-talk) 

Being Assertive- Standing tall, face the person you’re talking to, asking for what you need in a calm, firm voice, head up and shoulders back

Responsibility-  Doing things that are expected of you, accepting the consequences of your actions, proving you can be reliable and trusted by making good choices

Respect-  Thinking and acting in a way that shows others that you care about their feelings and their well-being, doing things for others and listening to their instructions, not calling others mean names, and treating people with courtesy and good manners

Kindness-  Being compassionate, forgiving others, expressing gratitude, helping people in need, treating others how we want to be treated

Problem-Solving-  Say the problem, think and explore, then pick a solution that works best

Empathy-  Identifying emotions, labeling emotions, taking the perspective of others, showing care and concern

Goal Accomplishment-  Reviewing goals (academic and social-emotional) set throughout the year