?? Frequently Asked Questions ??


How would I know if there is a school closing, early dismissal, or delay?

A: Check these resources:

Radio Stations


* WSBG 93.5 FM * WVPO 840 AM


* 99.9 FM The Hawk * WNNJ AM/FM


TV Stations


* WNEP-TV Channel 16          * WFMZ-TV Channel 69

* WYOU-TV Channel 22         * WBRE-TV Channel 28

* Blue Ridge Cable Channel 13



Q: Can the school contact me if there is a delay or early dismissal?

A: Sorry, due to student numbers, busy phone lines, and time constraints we are not able to do this. (See below if you need more help with this.)


Q: I don’t work in the area, how would I know if there is a school closing and early dismissals?

A: Our automated phone system (Blackboard Connect) will call to notify you of any early dismissals and closings.  The system will automatically call your home number listed on your child's Emergency Card.  You may add a second phone number to also receive the automated message.  In order to keep our information current and up to date, please inform us of any changes that may occur throughout the school year.

Could you explain to me what the school routine is for a delay?


1-Hour: If there is a one-hour delay, all elementary students will start at 10:10 AM. (School doors will open at 9:50 AM and arrivals after 10:20 AM will be considered late.) Buses will pick up students 1 hour later than the usual pick-up time. Breakfast will NOT be served.  Lunch WILL be served.

2-Hour: If there is a 2-hour delay Grade K-2 attends from 11:10 AM until the regular dismissal time. (School doors open at 10:50 AM and arrivals after 11:20 AM will be considered late.) Morning buses will pick up students 2-hours later than the usual pick-up time. Breakfast will NOT be served. Lunch WILL be served but may be later than normal. Please be sure that children have something to eat before coming to school.

3-Hour: If there is a 3-hour delay, Grades K-2 attend from 12:10 PM until the regular dismissal time. (School doors will open at 11:50 AM and arrivals after 12:20 PM will be considered late. Breakfast will NOT be served. There are no options for lunch purchasers. Cheese pizza will be the only item available to students buying lunch. Everyone will be dismissed at 3:45 PM (regular time.)


Q: At what age can my child begin Kindergarten?

A: The entrance age for kindergarten students of the Stroudsburg Area School District shall be five (5) years on or by September 1st.  This age requirement also applies to out of state, public and private school transfer students.


Q: What do I need to register my child?

A: Call Student Registration at 570-213-3669


Arlington Heights Elementary School

853 Flagler Street

Stroudsburg, PA 18360

(570) 421-6952

Registration Process for New Enrollment


Personal Information

1. Original Birth Certificate or Passport

2. Up-to date Immunization Records

3. Two official Proofs of Residency, e.g.: current utility bills, lease or deed, payment of earned income tax from Berkheimer Associates, selective service card, voter registration card, registration of motor vehicle card, driver’s license, and automobile insurance card.

4. Your most recent report card or grades to date / transcripts

5. Educational Testing results / scores (i.e.) CAT, PSSW, IOWA, etc)

6. IEP’s CER’s, Psychological/Psychiatric reports


District Forms (Pick up at Central Student Registration at High School

7. Student Registration Form - A fully completed registration form with parent/guardian signature.

8. PIN# (Property Identification Number) which can be found on your tax bill or by calling your local tax collector or the county Tax Assessor’s Office at (570) 420-3412.

9. Signed Weapons Document to be signed in the presence of a school representative.

10. ESL Survey

11. Fully Completed Release of Records form (including address of former school)

12. Fully Completed Emergency Card – both sides. (must have two local emergency contact phone numbers).

13. Signed Parental Consent for Use of Student Photograph, Videotape, or Other Image Document.

14. Transportation Registration (this will be completed by the office on the elementary and intermediate level)

15. Student History, Free / Reduced Lunch, Custody Papers, Alternate Bus stop Form, or any specially designed school or guidance forms.

When a special education student transfers to the Stroudsburg Area School District from another Pennsylvania school district, our district will maintain the IEP from the previous Pennsylvania school district pending preparation and implementation of a new IEP.


Elementary Level K-4:
When registration packet is complete, please call Student Registration.



Name ______________ Grade _______ Teacher ____________


Student ID Number _________ Enrollment Date ______________



_______ Student Registration Form (including PIN # and Parent/Guardian Signature

_______ Birth Certificate

_______ Immunization Record

_______ Two Proofs of residency

_______ Most recent report card

_______ Educational Testing

_______ IEP, CER

_______ Signed Weapons Document

_______ ESL Survey

_______ Release of Records Form

_______ Emergency Card

_______ Consent for Photographs

_______ Transportation Card

_______ Alternate Bus Stop Form

_______ Student Health History

_______ Free/Reduced Lunch Form

_______ Custody Papers

_______ Residency Affidavits




Q: How can I pay for my child’s lunch(es)?

A: Please send in cash, or check payable to SASD CAFÉ in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, teacher’s name, and lunch $ written on the front. You can also pay online at www.myschoolbucks.com

Q: What is the routine for picking up my child at dismissal time?

A: * Send in a note with your child

* Please remind your child to give the note to their teacher

* The loop opens at 3:20

* As a matter of safety, when you reach the doorway please put your car in park. Thank you!




Q: What if I need to pick up my child before dismissal time?

A: If you need to pick up your child earlier than parent pick-up line dismissal, please arrive in the office before 3:20.

For safety reasons, cars are not permitted in front of the school after buses have arrived.


  If I need to speak with my child's teacher when would be the best time to call?

A:  8:40-8:50 or 3:50-4:10
     Or send in a note and your child's teacher will call you during their free period.  The time changes each cycle.